Soy Protein Vs Whey Protein – Which Is A Better Supplement

More people are using protein shakes nowadays to modify their diet or enhance athletic performance. A daily intake of protein shakes fulfills the recommended daily dose of 45-56 grams per day. Most of the food we eat already has a substantial amount of protein in it. Most people who are at risk for not getting enough protein are those who have cut out meat from diet. People who are physically active need more protein in their diet to help repair the wear and tear of muscles. The most common protein shakes in the market come in whey or soy protein. There has been a long standing debate between whey and soy protein with regards to its benefits.

What Is Soy Protein?

Soy protein is a protein isolated from the soybean. It is plant-based, but can level to the efficacy of animal based protein products. It has antioxidant properties that can provide various health benefits. It is also ideal for meal replacements because it prolongs satiety. It comes in two forms: soy concentrate and soy isolate.

What Is Whey Protein?

Whey protein is an animal based protein which is derived from whey, a by-product of cheese production. It is a mixture of globular proteins. It also comes in two forms: whey concentrates and why isolate. It is often used by bodybuilders to build muscles at a faster rate. It is also recommended as a recovery drink for athletes because of its high protein content.

Which Is More Beneficial?

Soy protein is commonly used among the lactose intolerant because of its absence of lactose, which is found in animal based products. Soy protein has high fiber content and can easily be absorbed by the intestines. Whey protein is low-fat and high in protein. When you have a high protein diet, your muscles repair quickly. It also possesses a high biological value, which is a measure of a bodyís ability to absorb protein. Whey protein has a biological score of 104. It comes from the purest form of protein that reduces risk for allergies.

Essential For Weight Management And Athletic Performance

Soy protein is used as a meal replacement for those who want to lose weight. It also helps regulate the metabolism, making it easier to synthesize body energy. Whey protein enhances athletic performance in the sense that it repairs and regenerates muscles quickly.

Potential Side Effects

Each protein supplements also has its potential side effects, especially when taken in large amounts. It also helps to use these protein products wisely. Consulting a physician or a nutritionist can help you regulate its use and can anticipate interventions when side effects occur.

People who use whey protein may suffer from lactose intolerance. Lactose is found in whey because it is an animal based product. Soy protein is an alternative for a protein supplement. Kidney damage also results as an adverse effect due to prolonged use. Whey protein should be only as needed and not be considered as a round the clock meal.

Jack3D – Discover The Untold Truth About This Supplement

When doing a workout, it is important to have plenty of energy, stamina and focus to give you amazing results. These are just part of the preparations one has to take to achieve the optimum results on your workout activities. And it has become the goal of USPlab to develop Jack3D, a pre-workout supplement to help every aspiring individuals get the boost during a more intense period of exercise.

Powerful Ingredients That Works

So, what makes this product distinct from other supplements in the market? Considered as one of the top-rated ultra-concentrated pre-workout supplement, it contains few but very powerful ingredients that are proven to be effective. There are no rubbish ingredients or fillers that can harm the body system. The following ingredients are known to boost energy level and stimulate the mind and body while doing an intense training: Schizandrol A, Caffeine, Beta Alanine, L-arginine, Creatine, Geranamine and Theophylline.

Benefits It Offers

All the above ingredients are proven safe and effective that they are blended to get a desirable result. There is also an active substance called Cortisol that helps reduce catabolic hormones, which means you will become stronger while losing unnecessary fats in the body.

Prescription Dosage To Follow

On the other hand, since this product has high Caffeine content, some experts advice to limit its usage of three scoops a day. Too much caffeine can cause restlessness and insomnia. For beginners, it is advised to take only half a scoop until your body can adopt and increase the dosage in succession. Take it 30-60 minutes prior to your extreme workout to give your body enough time to absorb the nutrients.

Take Precaution

However, like any other body building supplement, you have to consider your goals and objectives before incorporating Jack3D in your daily routine. This product might not work for all people. It may produce a different result to different people. It is advisable that one has to read and follow the dosage directions and instructions to avoid unwanted side effects. Avoid taking more than the prescribed limit just to speed up the effects in your body. It is also cautioned for people who have an addiction problem or a history of drug abuse not to take the product because it contains a number of stimulants that can easily make it a dependence powder.

Nowadays, USPlabís Jack3D has proved its effectiveness in the market considering of being a newcomer in the Creatine formulation. The risks associated in taking this product starts when abused by the users. But the benefits truly speak how effective and safe if used responsibly.

Health Benefits Of Taking In Calcium

Calcium is a very important nutrient in your body from the fact that it plays many vital roles in the strengthening of your bones and teeth, in the contraction of your muscles and in the signaling of your nerves. Too little calcium in your body may lead to many problems such as numbness, cramps, loss of appetite, convulsions and abnormalities in the rhythm of your heart.

Calcium prevents controversial diseases such as Osteoporosis because of its ability to increase the mass in your bones. If you have a higher bone mass on ages 30 and above, then you have a lower risk of having osteoporosis. A body that is high in calcium and vitamin D is less likely to get osteoporosis.

Certain studies point out that calcium may help reduce blood pressure. It can also reduce your chances of getting certain caner types. For example, calcium and vitamin D can help prevent breast cancer. However it should be taken into account that facts about calcium reducing BP or cancer chances are still undergoing study and research, hence they are still inconclusive.

People Who Need To Take Calcium Supplements

There are certain types of people who pose great risk in calcium deficiency. If you are any of the following, then better take calcium now.

Postmenopausal women or those who missed a menstrual period = the reduction of estrogen levels causes calcium absorption in your digestive system to decrease. Amenorrhea (or missing a menstrual period) is usually more common if you are an athlete or if you are anorexic. An increase intake of calcium during these times is important to avoid calcium deficiency later on.

Vegetarians (Vegans) and Lactose Intolerants = Some vegetarians in the U.S.A. may like to know that certain acids (oxalic & phytic) in plants can cause a reduction in the absorption of calcium. While eating meat may increase the excretion of calcium, vegetarians may not be any more different. Take importance to take vegetables or plant foods that have calcium if you want to avoid calcium deficiency. Good examples of plants high in calcium are dried herbs (spearmint, parsley), tofu, almonds, turnips dandelions, kales, brazil nuts and more.

If you are taking certain types of medicines then you may be at risk for calcium deficiency. These medicine types include antacids with aluminum or magnesium, stimulant laxatives, prednisone and mineral oil.

An Adequate Intake Of Calcium

Professionals like the Institute-of-Medicine have recommended certain intake levels of calcium per day to you. For people ranging ages 9 to 18 years old an intake of 1,300 mg/day is appropriate. For people aging 19 to 50 years old an intake of 1,000 mg/day is enough. Older people aging 51 above may need higher levels of calcium because of degenerative bone loss, around 1,200 mg/day.

However take care so as not to take too much calcium every day to avoid hypercalcemia. If your calcium intake exceed 2,500 mg/day it is already dangerous. And donít take more than 500mg at once. For your body to absorb calcium better take enough vitamin D and magnesium.