Most people would say it in regard to anything that they find grating. That would be anything, from entering the kitchen way too many times while the other party is watching or by leaving the door wide open white flushing the toilet. You like to eat when someone is reminding you where that food is going to end up in? Soon enough you learn and then you see that it barely matters, but it could be too late enough already. Thenyou say enough when you reach the end of your tether, which is when you know you cannot move anymore, speak no more, or simply make any change or any difference in your or somebody’s budding life that has not started to shed any leaves. Or when you have no more blood to share to afford, or the flesh to spare, or the stamina when the truth is revealed in its totality.

When Enough is not Enough

That is not enough when you think you have reached the wall or any obstacles, there is more waiting for you to endure, but the question is whether you are daring to learn. Say life would be easier, more fair, just brighter, when you just dare to wait another day, another minute. How come they always tell you to be patient and move through life as if nothing happened, as if no one made any errors, how many errors declare your life to be oficially over? How many days are you willing to sacrifice to find out? Perhaps that Enough is not yet that end of any tether you might proclaim but you could push further and find out?

Possibly and maybe. Joking about children in Africa has become a kind of cruel joke despite the suffering that hunger brings with it. But indeed the more you have the more hunger grows inside of you as if it was cancerous stain that is taking over your mind which you aim to set you free. You suffer and yet you push through. Where is the devil in those details then? How come you can suffer through life and not discard it while so many valuable people endured beyond belief, in spite of their talents, minds, health and more. Imagine yourself growing in another family, being fed different food, becoming the victim, getting on the rollercoaster of changes that catapult you way up into the dream you might be living right now. Or not. So then you want more and that grows inside you. The truth is there is no end to Enough. That drove our species and it keeps pushing you until the barrier of time is broken and you are broken with all that you have gathered while living. You can feed on those enoughs from before and yet you moved with life, you pushed and thrived despite the pains. Isn’t it a miracle?!