Factors To Consider Before Getting A Dog

Dogs may be cute and fluffy to cuddle but they entail responsibility like a parent would have to his children. Raising a dog is not that easy, it requires hands-on care or your pet dog will not be able to connect with you.There are several factors to be considered before getting a puppy. Sometimes, the best way parents would teach kids a thing or two about responsibility is how they would care for their pets. Dogs make excellent companions and live by the saying, ìA dog is a manís best friend.î

Choosing A Breed

This is the first and also the most important factor to consider before getting a dog for your pet. What is you sole purpose for getting a dog? There are various breeds which are classified according to size and its behavioral natures. Try to do your research with the wide array of dog breeds to choose from, depending on your primary purpose.

If you want a frequent companion at home, there is a type of dog breed that makes an excellent indoor pet. Toy dogs are the best example of this dog breed. They are small in size and can be very playful. It is always wise to always clarify with a dog expert or a veterinarian. Some toy dogs can be snappish with children.

When your primary purpose for getting a dog is for additional protection in your household, then guard dogs are your best choice. They may look intimidating but they are most loyal to their master. A Boxer is one of the best guard dogs you can have. They have great reflexes and with a strong stance. Another best guard dog is the German Shepherd. They are originally police dogs with a keen sense of smell. Their fur is also made to withstand extreme temperatures, such as the biting cold. However, as enticing as you would want to have a guard dog, always make sure that they donít get much contact with small kids. Some tend to pounce on them because of overexcitement.

Budget For The Dog’s Needs

A dog is not a stuffed toy that you can just put in one corner and will only pay attention to it if you feel like it. A dog should be rendered care like you would do to your children. Caring for your dog may require a portion of your budget. Expenses that cover your budget are the dog food, vaccinations, vet consultations and frequent grooming. Dogs should not be fed with table scraps, they will grow to become picky eaters and that will be much of a hassle. Vaccines should be completed against the major dog illnesses too.

Grooming does not only involve getting your dog a bath. They also need their nails trimmed, ears cleaned and teeth brushed. Flea spray is also encouraged so that your dog will be protected against fleas. When you give your dog the best feeling of being clean, they will reciprocate you with all their love and loyalty.

Patience And Will

When a dog becomes fussy, do not be frustrated or get angry with them. They are like humans too. They will verbalize what they feel but only through barking. When they make a mess, pee or poop unintentionally, this always requires the patience to handle them with care.