Highly Realistic World War Strategy Game Of Sudden Strike

Strategy games are one of the most popular franchises in the industry today. Most of the themes these strategy games carry are derived from the great World Wars 1 and 2. The fun factor in strategy games usually points out the best when it is simple and psychologically addictive. But more hardcore fans and gamers of strategy themed at World War 1 and/or 2, like to take a look at the details and specifics of the game. The ability of a World War strategy game to be realistic is definitely an additional positive factor.

When it comes to choosing a good game, most people take the sizes, and interactivity of the environment to judge. Sizes in a sense that the units should have proportionate and realistic sizes compared to other units, obstacles, ragdolls, etc; for example, a World War infantry should look a lot smaller and not of equal size to a tank during the game; Interactivity in a sense that the units that you control in the game should be able to make use of other obstacles, terrain and/or doodads in the game. Most games do not focus too much on size proportions and environmental interactivity. But there are some who pay good attention to these details, here is good examples of a game with a nice realistic feel to it you probably have not/have heard of before.

Sudden Strike

The realism of this game is very good. Sudden Strike franchises 1, 2 and 3 (Sudden Strike popularity kind of declines on their third game installment) all have great proportion in unit, doodad and terrain sizes. The size proportions of the game are realistic as the infantries that you control are really small in size compared to the tanks and the buildings in the area. One thing thatís really good about Sudden Strike games is the size of the battles and the interactivity of the units to the environment. You are able to control infantry with different commands.

Tanks And Vehicles

Tanks and other vehicle types will not run if they have no crew. There are even later installments of Sudden Strike (known as Sudden Strike Resource War) where tanks need fuel in order to run. Unfortunately Sudden Strike Resource Warís fuel system only made logistics in the battle too difficult and annoying for players. Tanks also come in so many varieties in the Sudden Strike series. There are different kinds of light tanks, medium tanks, heavy tanks, SPGs, APCs, Trucks, Jeeps and more. And those tanks vary from different countries of the USA, Britain, Germany, Russia, Japan, France and Italy. That has got to be a lot of unit selection.

Infantry And Environmental Interactivity

Infantry types come in different variations in Sudden Strike. They have unique models and forms that vary from differing countries. Infantries are mostly riflemen, snipers, medics, sub-machine gunners, heavy machine gunners, crews, pilots, sappers, etc. You can let the infantry hide in houses (any kind of house in the game), can take cover in trees and other different forms of doodads. They are even able to shift from walking position to prone position. Oh, and one more thing, the soldiers inside the houses, they are able to go from first floor to second floor or third floor. How interactive is that?